Polichalur Punitha Arokia Annai Polichalur Punitha Arokia Annai
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Polichalur Punitha Arokia Annai Polichalur Punitha Arokia Annai Polichalur Punitha Arokia Annai
About Polichalur Punitha Arokia Annai Church
Rev. Fr. Joseph Kottur


St. Francis Xavier Church, Pallavaram is mother parish of our church. When Rev. Fr. Joseph Kottur been an Parish priest of Pallavaram during the year 1965 he have purchased the land in Polichalur to build the church for Our Lady of Health. As a humble beginning, the prayer service has been started under a small tent. On 30th June 1971 foundation stone for our church have been laid down by Most. Rev. Dr. R. Arulappa - Honorable Archbishop of Chennai, Mylapore. Then after Rev. Fr.Joseph Kottur have built a small chapel here and once in a month Holy Mass service have been carried out in remembrance of our Holy Mother by Fr. Chaco.


Opening Ceremony
Alter of Church

In 1976, there were about 25 family associated with this church. Weekly mass have been sacrificed by Rev. Fr. Sebastian – Parish Priest of Pallavaram. When years go on since lot of people coming to the church for the Intercession Of "Our Lady of Health - Polichalur" Rev. Fr. Sebastian have decided to build a new church and laid down a foundation stone for to start building a new church on 15th August 1990. On 15th August 1993 during solemn liturgical service, Most. Rev. Dr. G. Casimir - Honorable Archbishop of Chennai, Mylapore have sanctified the church, blessed and opened the sacrificial altar. Then after Sunday, Easter, Christmas and Assumption of Mary day mass have been celebrated during period when Rev. Fr. John Britto was Parish Priest of Pallavaram.


Outline view of Church

In 2000, Polichalur was announced as a new Parish when Rev. Fr. Patrick was Parish Priest of Pallavaram. Most Rev. Lawrence Pious - Asst. Bishop Chennai Mylapore have handed over the authority of our church to the Fathers of Precious Blood Missionaries. The new parish comprised of nearly 450 families. Polichalur came under the newly created Diocese, i.e., Diocese of Chingleput in the year 2002 when Archdiocese was bifurcated.



PARISH PRIEST of Our Lady of Health - Polichalur:

Fathers of Precious Blood Missionaries, who served as a Parish Priest of Our Lady of Health - Polichalur are,

Parish Priest Name
Asst. Parish Priest Name
Serving Period
Details about the Service
Rev. Fr. Paul raj Rev. Fr. Gerald Irudayaraj
2000 - 2005

He is the first Parish priest of our church from Precious Blood missionaries. During this tenure he have built the Grotto of Mother of Lourdes and it been blessed and opened by Rev. Dr. A. Neethinathan – Bishop of Chingleput on 07 th August 2003.

He is sole responsible in building the Grotto of Infant Jesus and it been blessed and opened by Rev. Fr. Antonyswamy on 08 th Sep 2004.
Rev. Fr. John Baptist Rev. Fr. Balasundaram
2006 – 2009
During his tenure he has built a Parish Community Hall and modified the architecture of the alter and it been blessed and opened by Rev. Dr. A. Neethinathan – Bishop of Chingleput.
Rev. Fr. Bosco Rev. Fr. Amalanathan
2009 - 2011
Fr. Bosco have a vast experience who practicing law in Family commission, he have taken charge as an Parish priest in the year 2009 and took an initiative for to make the church benches.
Rev. Fr. Gerald Irudayaraj Rev. Fr. Amalanathan & Rev. Fr. Thangaraj
2011 - 2014
Father Irudayaraj have took charge as a Parish priest on 2011, he is sole responsible in building Flag Staff (i.e., Kodimaram) the Iconic stature of Our Lady of Health Polichalur.
Rev. Fr. J. Williams

Rev. Fr. J. Williams

Rev. Fr. Christopher
2014 – 2019

Serving Parish Priest who have dedicated the Veiled Christ statue on 2015 to parish people.

Rev. Fr. Christopher , Rev. Fr. Arun Francis & Rev. Fr. Patrick who served as an Asstiant Parish priests during this period.

Parish Priest - Rev. Fr. D. Jaisingh David

Rev. Fr. D. Jaisingh David., CPPS

Rev. Fr. Bernald
2019 – till date

Rev. Fr. D. Jaisingh David taken woath as Parish Priest of Polichalur Church on Feb 2019.

FESTIVAL@ Our Lady of Health - Polichalur:

Chariot of Polichalur Arokia Annai

Polichalur Punitha Arokia Annai festival is celebrated every year from August 29 to September 8. On August 29 an impressive flag hoisting ceremony marks the beginning of the festival. Novena Mass is conducted in Tamil at 6.30 pm every day in the evening during the festival season along with rosary and novena prayers. On September 8, the chariot procession starts with three chariots of St Michael, St Joseph and Polichalur Punitha Arokia Annai. At the end of chariots possession Eucharist Blessing the lowering of the flag happens on the same day to mark the end of the festival.



The chariot procession takes place every First Saturday at 06:30 PM. The Blessed Sacrament worship along Holy Mass for the Healing of Sick takes place every First Saturday at 11:00 AM and then served with the lunch. Each individual are separately blessed with the Holy Sacrament.Many peoples from different religions are also taking part in all the events and been touched, blessed and experience the Miracle and love of God through Polichalur Punitha Arokia Annai intercessions.

Our Lady of Health – Polichalur church has produced 3 priest and 3 sisters until now.


  • Legion of Mary
  • Altar Boys Association
  • Youth Association
  • Vincent De’ Paul Association
  • Precious Blood of Jesus Association
  • Parish council Committee
  • Anbiam


Anbiam Name
Irudaya Andavar Anbiam Thiru. S. Das
Sagaya Matha Anbiam Thiru. R. Stephen
Parisutha Aaviyae Anbiam Thiru. Paul Vincent
Naal Alosanai Matha Anbiam Thiru. Selvaraj
Lourde Matha Anbiam Thiru. John Paul
Arokia Matha Anbiam Thiru. T. Peter
Fathima Matha Anbiam Thiru. P.V. Antoni
Vinnarasi Matha Anbiam Thiru. C. Antoni Clement
Punitha Anthoniyar Anbiam Thirumathi. C. Daisy
Punitha Francis Xavier Anbiam Thiru. R. Peter
Punitha Susaiappar Anbiam Thriu. L. Shaneel Arulappa
Jeyarani Matha Anbiam Thiru. Chandra Sekar
Jebamalai Matha Anbiam Thiru. Vincent Ravi
Saleth Matha Anbiam Thirumathi. Lilly Jansi
Aaruthal Matha Anbiam Thirumathi. Reeta Mary
Amalorpava Matha Anbiam Thiru. R. Antoni Suganth Raja
Adaikala Matha Anbiam Thiru. Febin

Anbiam Representatives

Anbiam List
Anbiam List

Anbiam List
Anbiam List

Blessings from our Polichalur Punitha Arokia Annai !